Chica Brunch - Brown Sugar and Vanilla Lip Polish

Wedding planning is OVER.  And I hate to say it, but I’m glad.  Except that now I seem to be a bit lost and cannot find my mojo back to do things that are NOT wedding planning related.

I need to jump back on the bandwagon and the best avenue to do it is getting back to planning my monthly Chica Brunch.  If you are new to Sweetbites - a little recap.  Every month, I invite a group of girlfriends to my house and host a Sunday Brunch which I have named CHICA Brunch (chica is Spanish for girl, and I call all my girlfriends that – so I figure it would be fitting and it stuck).  The way it works? I ask each of the girls to bring a brunch dish to share and I contribute with the booze – mainly mimosas and making sure my house is sparkly clean.

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Cachapas - Fresh Corn Pancakes

Cachapas are thick, tasty pancakes made from maize (sweetcorn) and served with a slab of white cheese called “queso de mano” (hand cheese).  These steaming pancakes are then topped with lashing of margarine, a thick slap of cheese, a pork chop and some chicarron, (fried pork rinds) and washed down with a cold Polarcita (beer).

Cachapas are an integral part of Venezuela’s culinary history and their origin dates back to pre-Colombian times, when the indigenous population would grind corn with stone pestles and then cook it cachapa-style on clay budares, flat griddle plates that have been found in archaeological digs at many sites in Venezuela.

When I was young, Cachapas could only be found in my home state – Bolivar. If that was not enough of a challenge, they were only made by locals in stalls with a tin-roof on the side of the “carretera” (roads) on the way to la Gran Sabana.  Most will be grilling chochino (pork) and making fresh Cachapas topped with freshly made queso de mano.

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