Golden Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

I really don’t know if this will count towards my Heavenly Cake bake-a-long.  Mainly because I adapted so much of this recipe at the end, I feel like I actually ended up doing something totally different than the original.

Talk about inspiration.

The background of this cake is simple.  One of my best friends birthday was coming up.  Her boyfriend, who is an avid cook like me, sent me an email and asked me if I be willing to bake her the birthday cake.  At the same time this was happening I was already thinking of offering my baking services to the cause.  I love when the universe works all of these tweaks and everyone ends up getting what they what.

After a bit of investigating efforts of the boyfriend, we narrow it down to her favorite cake being carrot cake.

Which was perfect for me, since I had not baked the carrot cake when it was in rotation, so again win-win.

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A very special Birthday Cake

Wondering what that picture is above right?

It’s cake, so let’s get that OUT OF THE WAY.

It’s also a very special cake.

Let’s just call it a “preview” for the “final” reveal at the end of the post.

A background story first…

Tomorrow’s is the little man (not anymore) birthday, which meant that our house became birthday party central over the weekend.  Mr. D (what we call him) decided he was old enough to have a grown up birthday, which involved four friends, lots of food, video games, movies, a bunch of sleeping bags and a full camp out in our living room and cake.

Take it from a ten year old again to know the simple things in life.

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HCB: White Velvet Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache

This past Saturday was my best friends birthday. 

“M” and I known each other for over 20-plus years - more if I really count, but then that means that I’m old, as in really old and who wants to be reminded of that?

“M” and I meet in junior high school.  It was at the bus stop and the new kid in town and she approached me and asked me what my name was, simple as that, straight to the point and fearless.  Turned out we had a lot in common.  After that we pretty much became inseparable, we lived in the same street, only 10 houses away from each other.  Summer were spent by the pool, at first splashing, and then as we got older trying to pick the cool boys up.  She has been there thru my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first heartbreaks, my freaked outs, my many moves around the city and then out of the country.  We have lived together, we have traveled together, we have each other’s backs.  She has witness all of my failures, my success and everything in between. And she has always been there, a steady beacon to my chaotic life. I cannot image my life without her in it. It just would not make sense.

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