GCC: Menu 29 - Coronation Chicken Rolls

I have three words for all you guys: MAKE THIS RECIPE!

This was one of our two options for the Gutsy Cook club this week. Since I knew that we had a beach day planned this past Sunday, I figure this would be the perfect dish to take and eat while sitting in the hot Florida sun, enjoying the crash of the waves, working on our tans and catching up on some reading.

It was sunny.

And the waves were crashing all around us.

But, it was cold!

After unpacking half of our house onto the beach, Tom and the little man did not waste time in strip to their bathing suits and jumping in the water.

Boys are CRAZY!

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ABC: Evie Lieb's Processor Challah

I think I may be ready to cross out “conquer anything with yeast” off my kitchen bucket list.

Uh, maybe.

This month’s choice for Avid Baker’s Challenge called to make Challah bread.  I have to note that I love French bread, because I tend to like breads that are super “crusty” and then light and airy inside.  But, Challah is one of my favorite soft breads (the other is brioche) plus I use it all the time to make the best EVER, SUPER DUPPER EASY French Toast Casserole.  It also holds a special place in the Jewish tradition of the three Sabbath and two holiday meals, which begins with two complete loaves of Challah bread being blessed by the head of the household. On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the challah may be rolled into a circular shape (sometimes referred to as a “Turban Challah”), symbolizing the cycle of the year, and baked with raisins in the dough. Sometimes the top is brushed with honey in honor of the “sweet new year.”

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GCC: Menu 14 - Croque Monsieur and Apple Charlotte

This past week’s Gutsy Cook menu choices took me back to my numerous trips to France when I lived in Europe.  From France I give you the famous Croque Monsieur.  And from further north – England, the Apple Charlotte.

Since I was pressed for time (which lately it has been happening more and more - aggggghhh!!!), I skipped the charlotte and made only the Croque Monsieur.

If you are ever in France this sandwich can be found all over the country, while to some it may be a simple hot ham and cheese grilled sandwich, the French take to another level all together and fancy it up.  First by using Gruyère cheese (and you guys know how I love that cheese) and coating it with a Béchamel sauce, which once more has cheese in it, turning it to Mornay sauce, then into the broiler it goes and out comes this hot, cheese, toasty goodness.  Once you have one, you are pretty much guarantee to never see a grilled ham and cheese the same way again.

The best part is that the Mornay sauce stores well in the refrigerator, which makes perfect to make some extra, store and then when you craving that ham and cheese, you can whip this up in less than 10 minutes and feel all French-like.  We made this recipe four times so far, and as I write this I’m eating my fifth.

But there is more, you can actually top this, how?

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