Nonna's Crostata

My maternal grandmother was a true Italian socialite.  She had the most active social life of anyone that I have ever met.  When I was growing up, spending time with her meant going to afternoon coffee dates with her friends.  Playing canasta or poker at the country club most of Saturday afternoons and if there was a birthday, wedding, baby birth, baptism or any type of celebration within a 50-mile radius in our city, she was there, my sister and I at her heels.     

She was generous, funny, and knew EVERYONE. What she was not, however, was a fan of a kitchen.  Unlike my paternal grandmother, Nonna Franca was not a slave to her kitchen.  She could cook, but it was easy dishes, something that she could put together fast and be out of there to meet her social circle at the next bingo game.

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Tarte au Sucre [Sugar tart]

For the past 3 days I have been hooked to my computer.

As a junkie is to his drug of choice.

I have discovered the wonderful world of my Netflix “Watch instantly” option.

I have discovered MadMan.

I’m now an official Draper fan.

I cannot get enough of all those chain-smoking characters.

I watched season 1 and 2 and some of 3 in one sitting.

Tom was worried that my eyes were going to fall off.

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Almond Lemon-Lime Slice

About a month ago, a representative of the Donsuemor Bakery, located in Alameda, California, contacted me about wanting to send me some samples of their baking products and see what I could come up with using them and ingredients in a dessert.

First I was all up and anxious about this.  I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to developing a savory recipe I’m all for it.  But, developing a sweet recipe - I’m a total coward.  Baking for me is the holy grail of step-by-step cooking and I rarely venture off the instructions.

But, I figure it was going to give me a challenge and I never back away from a challenge.

That is why Tom and I are having an all out war with the angry birds game in our house.

He is up by one game.

I plan on whooping his butt this weekend.

But, back to the point

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