Pan de Mej [Pani de Mie] Sweet corn buns

This past weekend I stayed at home and decided Sunday my oven was going to go into overtime.  I had the bug to be in the kitchen and do some major cooking.  And when our big baby – Rufus (the dog) started to bark at 7:00am to be let out, I took that as a sign that I needed to put on the apron and get to work.

I started by fixing some baby zucchinis (more on that at a later post) then moved over to do some potatoes that turned into a hot pocket (yeah I going to share that one too). But, after all that savory cooking I knew I needed to end the day in a sweet note. 

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Chocolate Chip and Coconut Rum Cookies

Tom and I are still recuperating from our wedding.  I don’t know how couples have the energy to go on a full pack honeymoon after the wedding.  The first 2 days all we did was sleep – we had no energy to do anything else, except sleep and just huddle together in our house and not make any decisions.

We were totally exhausted.  Our brainpower is still in total shut down and slowly rebooting itself.

For the past week we have eaten sandwiches, salads, cereal and nothing else, we figure those were the easiest things to do under our clouded mind.

Yesterday, I decided that I would bake my new husband (it sounds good to say it and to type it!) his favorite cookies.  It also helped that the temperature

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My absolute favorite Corn Cake

I should probably just come right how and say that I’m taking a break with blogging, because it just seems that the last couple of months I start all my post with the boring … “ I been soooo very busy and that is why I have not had time to blog” – we been eating, but, really nothing new, nothing to share.  I have made this soup so many times in the last couple of weeks, we have lived on cereal and lots of ham and cheese sandwiches and left over from our respective mother’s houses – bottom line, the kitchen has not seen any heavy duty used.  Except when it comes to this recipe, which has been repeated well over the normal, allocated time.  I think Tom is starting to turn corny with all the corn we been eating the last couple of weeks.


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