Chocolate Chip and Coconut Rum Cookies

Tom and I are still recuperating from our wedding.  I don’t know how couples have the energy to go on a full pack honeymoon after the wedding.  The first 2 days all we did was sleep – we had no energy to do anything else, except sleep and just huddle together in our house and not make any decisions.

We were totally exhausted.  Our brainpower is still in total shut down and slowly rebooting itself.

For the past week we have eaten sandwiches, salads, cereal and nothing else, we figure those were the easiest things to do under our clouded mind.

Yesterday, I decided that I would bake my new husband (it sounds good to say it and to type it!) his favorite cookies.  It also helped that the temperature

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Biscotti al Rosmarino con Pinoli e Mandorle – The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Take 2

If you been around these parts you know that I’m not a cookie person. I mention that very fact last year when I participating in the first Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

So after that, you may wonder why in the world would I sign up again for this years Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap by the amazing duo Lindsay of Love & Olive Oil and Julie of the Little Kitchen.

It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up once the announcement email hit my inbox back in November.

Then I totally forgot about them until mid November when I received my matches and had to think about “THE” cookie.

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Almond Orange Ginger Cookies - The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

I’m not a cookie person.

I’m picky with the types of cookies that I do like.  I tend to like the classic cookie.  Give me a good chocolate chip (with nuts), or a good peanut butter one will do the trick too.  Shortbread cookies tend to make the cut, but only if they are nice and buttery.

Tom on the other hand likes all types of cookies.  I call him the adventurous cookie man because he will try them all.

So when Christmas rolls around he is a very happy man, because I tend to bake a couple of batches of my go-to cookie recipe and put them in pretty packages to gift to friends and co-workers.

And he gets to eat a few.

Ok, lots, if he is good.

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