GCC: Cream Asparagus Tarragon Soup and Poach Egg

This week is the first week of another Gutsy Cook line up.  The month of June belongs to Raymond from Your Just Desserts and boy did he bring it with his choices this month – I cannot wait to cook it up in the next 4 weeks.

I love, love asparagus, its actually one of my favorite vegetables and my preferred way to eat them is cooked until crisp-tender then tossed in olive oil, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and topped with a poach egg.

If that is not comfort food at its best, I don’t know what is.

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GCC: Tuscan Cannellini Bean Soup

For the past few days we have experience early fall weather.  Cool nights, gorgeous days, filled with a nice breeze and bright sunshine.

Today was no exception, we woke up to the perfect day to lazy out at home and just be together.

Tom and I did not have to think twice about it – we were going to park ourselves on our couch, snuggle and watch tons of TV.

Just like I did not think twice about what to make for our lunch.  Our December Gutsy Cook menu options it’s all about comfort and warmth, and this week’s option had the perfect choice for a cool day like today.

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GCC: Butternut Rice Laksa Soup

This weeks Gutsy Cook selection was hard for me.  Especially since I was the one that picked all four choices.  And my pickings were based in how interesting they all sounded and the unusual way they were in using this month ingredient – Rice.

We had Horchata, which you all know I had in my kitchen bucket list for a while now.  Then a Persian recipe called Adas Polo, which appeal to my love of lentils. We had an Indian twist with the Rice Flour pancakes know as Kalappam which is the usual side dish to non-vegetarian curries.  And finally we had a twist to an Indonesian dish from the Peranakan culture – a Pumpkin Rice Laksa Soup.

I wanted to make all four of them.  But faith stepped in and gave us beautiful chilly weather this past weekend here in Florida.  Our temperatures dipped into the 50’s, which called for lots snuggling, lazy TV watching which just comfort food.  So the soup won this hands down.

Let’s start with a little classroom knowledge.

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