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Back on the Baking van wagon - The Baking Bible

So, this came yesterday in the mail….

Which means that my new kitchen will go into over time starting December 1st.  I had the pleasure of participating in the “making” of this book.  Rose was gracious to reached out to some of the bakers bloggers who participated in the very succesful Rose’s Heavenly Cakes bake-along in order to help her beta test some of the recipes she was creating, which are now included in this beautiful cookbook (her 10th!).

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Banana Nut Muffins and a Product Review

If you been baking for as long as I have, you have seen how throughout the years more and more improvements are being made with methods and equipments.  One of those have been the slowly and steady move from the traditional baking pans to baking with silicone made pans.

I have used silicone baking pans before and have mixed feeling about them.  Some worked, while others were complete flops.  I do have to be honest the flops were on the cheap end of the spectrum. But, my main concern was their general flimsiness and my visions of overflowing batter as the pan/cups folding unto itself creating a giant mess.  Can you imagine cleaning an oven full of spilled batter? No bueno.

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Cauliflower Fritters

I’m back!

With and easy peasy recipe which evolved out of necessity. This past weekend I was alone, hungry and too lazy to go out in the rain to hunt for food.  

So in the spirit of maintaining my laziness, I went on the hunt in the refrigerator and came up with leftover roasted cauliflower in a plastic container … as I was trying to remember what I has roasted the cauliflowr for, and idea struck me.  What can I do with this that was fast and easy and bang! it hit me…


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Frittata and Girlfriends

If you had been reading Sweetbites for a while, you know that I host a monthly brunch event with my girlfriends and I call it “Chica Brunch”.  We get together one Sunday of the month, everyone brings a dish and then we sit around and play catch up with everything that is happening in our lives.

6 to 10 (depending who makes it that month) interesting, accomplished and attractive women, who are flying solo for the afternoon - We’ve left homes, children, husbands/significant others behind to  share an lazy afternoon to celebrate another aspect of ourselves that I now value more deeply: our friendship.

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Snugg as a bug in a rug

I have since upgrade my beloved iPad and traded it in for a slimmer and lighter white iPad Air.  I’m in love!

The only issue I had? I was back in the hut to find a cover to keep it all nice and clean and protected.

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One bowl Chocolate Cake

I have been reading David Leite of Leite’s Culinaria since I found the great world of food blogging - about 6 year now.  I follow and read a lot of food bloggers and everyone has their own style - funny, serious, informative.  But David writing is just magical, his way with words is pure storytelling – when you read his post, which usually have a recipe in there, you loose yourself in it, forgetting – oh yeah, he is writing about biscuits here… he just has that ultimate ability of transporting you, his words are like a blanket that you wrap around youself for comfort. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I attended this event.

He was part of the speaker lineup and his topic was How to write Bigger, Better, More Badass Food Post.  If I’m truly honest with myself, the whole trip centered in meeting this man and soaking up as much information as I could from him.  And since then I have tried to follow everything he taught us that day, I can honestly say that my writing has improved.

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Caprese Salad Bowl


Life should be made up of simple pleasures and simple tasks. 

Unfortunately, for most of us its not.

So we have to compensate and try to find simplicity in some of the things we do.

For me its in the food.

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Grilled King Crab


It started with our Saturday errands run…to the supermarket… the conversation at the seafood station was short and to the point:

Me: Why don’t we buy some and treat ourselves? They are on sale.

Tom: I fire up the grilled, you melt some butter and we called it a belated Valentine’s dinner.

Me: Deal

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Banana Bread

For the past month I have been craving bananas – like A LOT! It has become my morning breakfast and afternoon snack. I put them on my cereal, ice cream even smothered them with sweeten condense milk as a late night snack.

Don’t you judge now….

But, before we go any further with my love affair with the banana

Lets get one thing out of the way…

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Sweet Corn and Shrimp Chowder Soup

The last week I have been sick at home with the mother of all flu.  I have sustain myself on HUGE amounts of liquids, grilled cheese sandwiches and can soup.  Anything else was too much effort and frankly I could not find anything else remotely appetizing.

I been so weak and tired that I could not bring myself to do anything else but stay in bed, read and hope that this nasty thing will just go away once and for all.

During my time in bed, besides reading huge amounts of trashy romantic novels, watching the whole season of Orange of the new Black and House of cards, I Pinterest myself to death.  Since I was not cooking in real life, I let pinterest cook for me virtually by browsing hundreds of pins about all the food I wanted to eat by was to lazy to get up and cook.

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