Italian Rustic Herb Bread

I’m a bread snob.  Just like I’m picky about the type of chocolate I eat (the dark kind) I picky about the bread that I use to make my sandwiches.

My preferences always turn to anything that has a crust that is darker brown and a creamy inside.  If it’s right out of the oven, it’s a bite of heaven - especially, if it’s use to carry things like a good piece of cheese, salami or my all time weakness – Prosciutto.

Whoever eats prosciutto in soft sandwich bread should be shot in the spot. (I seen it and I have died a little too).

You may think I’m talking specifically about French bread.  And while I adore French bread, this is not the only type of artisan bread that I love.  Give me a good Ciabatta or a round crusty sourdough and I’m a happy camper.

So when I was planning our Christmas day meal and my mother offered to bring a selection of cure meats and cheeses to munch on while we waited for the Paella, I jumped at the chance to offer to make the bread for it.

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Wishing you a very merry Holiday Season

And if there is anything that I have learned as I get older, is that time does not stop, so I appreciate the little things more, because those are the things that give us the biggest satisfaction.

Sweetbites is my biggest satisfaction.  And everyday I’m so very grateful that I get to share that with each of you.

Yes, you!

Who take the time to come to this spot in the vast Internet and read my words, try my recipes and leave so many comments of praise.

So it’s only fitting that I take the time from my very busy life and wish you and your love ones a great holiday season.  One filled with love, laughter, surprises, lots and lots of sweet food and of course health to enjoy it not only this year but, for many to come.

You may wonder what is wrapped in the pretty package above…

It’s the ever popular, easy peasy Swedish Visiting Cake.  Which was my go to recipe for my homemade gift to share with my co-workers this year.

To make it pretty, I used a pretty Ikea dishtowel, tied it with it a festive holiday ribbon and attached a great holiday tagsl

Nothing like spreading a sweet Holiday around.


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