Mandocas - Sweet Corn Fritters

When I was 8 years old my mother sent my sister and I to live with our paternal grandparents.  She was coming to the states to prepare our arrival and she decided that our grandparents should spend some time with us before we moved to the United States.

My grandparents lived in the state of Zulia, which is located in the northwest of Venezuela, around the Marcaibo Lake.  This lake is the largest water body of its kind in Latin America and its basin covers one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the Western Hemisphere.

Maracaibo is the state capital and it has the second (Caracas being the first) largest population among Venezuela states.  Like any country, each state is known for their own individual personality. Maracuchos (the population of Maracaibo) as they are referred, are loud, talk fast and everyone cuss like sailors – and I mean everyone, toddlers to gradmas.

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I got an excuse for being so out of touch - for real!

Yes, I know.. I know… I’m still surprise by how people are still visiting me.. the last post was back in Dec 24th - FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I have become ONE OF THOSE BLOGGERS…

The ones that suddenly just poof ! And they are gone.

But I promise that is not the case.. I been a tad busy.  See in less than 17 days, Tom and I will seal the deal.

What deal you say?  

Well this one:

It all stared 5 years ago, then he popped the question in this beautiful setting and it happen like this.

Then I became THAT bride, who for the last 12 months has been consumed with everything wedding related.

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Mediterranean Fish in Creamy White Wine Sauce

Dilemma – what to cook for dinner fast?

Answer – Fish!

Its, fast, and pretty much any flavor will do.  This is a quick recipe, one that I put together by simply opening my refrigerator and taking out what ever I had in hand.

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