I got an excuse for being so out of touch - for real!

Yes, I know.. I know… I’m still surprise by how people are still visiting me.. the last post was back in Dec 24th - FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I have become ONE OF THOSE BLOGGERS…

The ones that suddenly just poof ! And they are gone.

But I promise that is not the case.. I been a tad busy.  See in less than 17 days, Tom and I will seal the deal.

What deal you say?  

Well this one:

It all stared 5 years ago, then he popped the question in this beautiful setting and it happen like this.

Then I became THAT bride, who for the last 12 months has been consumed with everything wedding related.

I’m so sick of it now, that I’m just happy for it to get here, so we can have a normal life back!

I will give you a hint on what I’m super exited about.  Not the dress, not the decor, not the awesome party we will be having, but the FOOD (shocker!).  

Ok, may not just the food, but also the dancing…

and the drinking…

and for this guy to REALLY show up:

I’m totally counting on my maid of honor to explain how this came about.

So, one more time I ask that you keep coming back (PRETTY PLEASE!), check out past posts to keep you in the kitchen and make sure to come back in March.  

By this time this guy will be my husband and he will be calling me wife around these parts.