Gorgonzola Blue Dip - The fastest dip in the West

So, my birthday get-together was filled with yummy food.  Food that I could make in less than 2 hours, because being born 5 days before Christmas is no fun.  Everyone, including me, is running around doing errands, wrapping presents, decorating the house, cleaning the house, doing everything but thinking of cooking.

I had already done my hot spinach dip.

Bought a bunch of cheese to do a cheese board.

Had the brie all snuggle, tight inside the puff pastry.

I needed another dip, a fast one.

Enter a tub of crumble Gorgonzola cheese and a tub of crème fraiche.

You mix them together and voila, a nice tangy dip, which goes perfect with these great crackers.

Its the fastest dip you will ever make. 2 ingredients (3 if you count the crackers) and one bowl, you can go as far as mixing it in the serving bowl, as to save on clean up afterwards.

And the up side? Your guest will love it (even those that do not like gorgonzola or any type of blue cheese).

Note: if you cannot find crème fraiche in your local supermarket, sour cream will work just as well.