Gorgonzola Blue Dip - The fastest dip in the West

So, my birthday get-together was filled with yummy food.  Food that I could make in less than 2 hours, because being born 5 days before Christmas is no fun.  Everyone, including me, is running around doing errands, wrapping presents, decorating the house, cleaning the house, doing everything but thinking of cooking.

I had already done my hot spinach dip.

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Tuna Spread or Tuna Dip

I been absent around these parts – I fess up.

There have been parties, and family reunions and friends staying over, and major catch up to the last 4 episodes of LOST saved in my DVR (people is it really OVER???) thus my posting has been put in the back burner.

But, I’m back.  All refresh and ready to go full throttle once more.

So let’s start with something simple.

It involves Tuna at its best.  

It’s a spread, or a salad, or even a dip.  

It’s that multitalented.

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