Biscotti al Rosmarino con Pinoli e Mandorle – The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Take 2

If you been around these parts you know that I’m not a cookie person. I mention that very fact last year when I participating in the first Food Blogger Cookie Swap.

So after that, you may wonder why in the world would I sign up again for this years Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap by the amazing duo Lindsay of Love & Olive Oil and Julie of the Little Kitchen.

It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up once the announcement email hit my inbox back in November.

Then I totally forgot about them until mid November when I received my matches and had to think about “THE” cookie.

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Italian Rustic Herb Bread

I’m a bread snob.  Just like I’m picky about the type of chocolate I eat (the dark kind) I picky about the bread that I use to make my sandwiches.

My preferences always turn to anything that has a crust that is darker brown and a creamy inside.  If it’s right out of the oven, it’s a bite of heaven - especially, if it’s use to carry things like a good piece of cheese, salami or my all time weakness – Prosciutto.

Whoever eats prosciutto in soft sandwich bread should be shot in the spot. (I seen it and I have died a little too).

You may think I’m talking specifically about French bread.  And while I adore French bread, this is not the only type of artisan bread that I love.  Give me a good Ciabatta or a round crusty sourdough and I’m a happy camper.

So when I was planning our Christmas day meal and my mother offered to bring a selection of cure meats and cheeses to munch on while we waited for the Paella, I jumped at the chance to offer to make the bread for it.

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