Menu 3: Empanadas and White Bean Soup

And we are on a roll.  This weeks menu will be all about confort food.  

  • Empanadas  - page 47
  • White Bean Soup - page 108 

First up, the Empanadas, I love them, I grew up with them.. in Venezuela we ate them for breakfast, for afternoon snacks, even after a heavy night of dancing.  We had tons of filling for them - anything you can imagine, was put inside these little pockes.  While the Venezuela version was usually made with corn, and fried, these are made in the oven and baked (more healthy) and are filled with Tuna!  Don’t worry, they tend to be good with that unusual filling.

Then we have an italian dish with the white bean soup using none other than Cannellini beans.  The recipe calls for dry, and I’m wondering if we can get away with using good can ones and reducing the cooking time. We will see how much time I have over the weekend and decide then.

And besides, I may have some special visitors this weekend, so I may have help putting this together.

So guys, ready? Set.. Cook!