Menu 5: Braised Oxtail and Polenta

So we had a good week last week, based on everyone input the tartlet and the vanilla custards redeem the TKB, after the empanadas fiasco.   I have the custards on my to do list, since all of you said it was totally worth it to do them.

This weeks choices are

  • Braised Oxtail with Wine & Herbs - page 351 
  • Polenta - page 214

I’m looking forward to this one.  While we still having temperatures in the high eighties here in Florida, I know some of you are heavy into fall and what is more perfect than an stew and this one promises to be a good. But, then I’m a huge fan of oxtail.  My latin background demands it - we eat that stuff every which way - in stews, in soups but its best braised slow and steady.. just like this recipe calls for it.

And of course next to a rich braised stew the best thing would be potatoes, but I wanted to tap into my Italian background as well and opted for Polenta, which is one of my favorite starch. Polenta is traditionally a slowly cooked dish. It sometimes takes an hour or longer, and constant stirring is necessary. The time and labor intensity of traditional preparation methods has led to a profusion of shortcuts.  Like this recipe, which calls for instant, which is just as good with the added benefit of no slaving over the stove.

Ready? Set… be Gutsy!