Menu 12: Pork Chops with Blue Cheese Stuffing, Warm Green Bean Salad, Potato Herb Galette

I can tell that Raymond got ambitious with this weeks menu, because this is what he wants you and your family to try this week:

  • Pork Chops with Bleu Cheese Stuffing - page 337
  • Warm Green Bean Salad - page 131
  • Potato Herb Galette - page 241

Let’s begin with the pork chops with their apple, Roquefort, pecans and scallion stuffing, HELLO! Can you shout YUM!  Even for me that I’m anti-fruit-in-my-food person, I’m going all out on this one and making it as it.  Tom just informed me that apple and pork chops are like a “staple” – first for me! See even cooks like me have to learn a thing or two.

Reading the recipe, I do question the art of placing it in the broiler without searing it first in a saucepan, so maybe I may go that route, just to give it an extra caramelization all around.  A quick tip that I may give each of you: Brine your chops before hand, this will keep them moist, specially this type of cut, which tends to take longer during the cooking period because of it thickness and will dry out.

But the one that I’m curious about is the Potato Galette.  In my book galette means something with dough.  Not this galette.  This will become, after cooking one big potato pancake, but then Galette in France is the name they call a buckwheat flour pancake, which is filled with “stuff”, lots of good stuff.  This one is made entirely of potatoes and its cook until nice and crispy.  What I not to like?

I guess we will find out when we post this coming week right?

So, start your ovens and stoves guys…

Let’s get Gutsy!