Menu 15: Pizza Four Season, Ginger Cream Sauce

Did everyone have fun eating French inspired last week?  Well this week we are moving to Italia – “La bella Italia”. This week’s Menu choices are: 

  • Pizza Four Season – page 99
  • Pizza Dough – page 98
  • Ginger Cream Sauce – page 447

Steph is really taking me back to my days in living in Europe with her choices.  First France, with last week’s menu and now “la bella Italia”.  And not with pasta, but the next best thing – Pizza!

And with one that has all of my favorite toppings too!

The book includes a recipe for the dough and upon giving it a once over; it’s pretty straightforward recipe, the trick here is in the cooking.  And what better way to give you tips than to point you to a fellow baker, Patricia of ButterYum and her post on 10 Secrets for making Pizzeria Quality Pizza at Home, I have tried her method and I got to tell you, we stopped ordering pizza and instead are now making at home.

The other thing is to point out that while the recipe in the book for the dough calls for using bread flour, you can use regular all-purpose and there will not be a big difference in the end product.  You don’t have to use the books recipe, if you have a go-to pizza dough recipe, go for it.. but it will be lovely if you share it too *wink*. Or you can totally be a lazy-moose and buy at your local supermarket bakery.

The second option in the menu is the Ginger Cream Sauce and this one I’m totally intrigue, mainly because it sounds like a nice comfort custard with an extra zing by using the ginger and five-spice powder as ingredients. I’m still on the fence if I’m going to do this one.

So are you ready to roll them up and get kneading? Maybe even trying your hand at some flying pie in the sky while your family sing along Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore”.. I mean who can say no to signing on top of your lungs “When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie. That’s amore …” or be creative and change it up to “That’s gutsy coookingg!!!”

Enough with the jokes, roll them up and get gutsy!