Menu 20: Scallop & Pesto Crostini and Mediterranean Lasagna

This weeks menu choices are heavy hitters folks. 

  • Scallop & Pesto Crostini - page 49
  • Mediterranean Lasagna - page 203

The scallop and Pesto Crostini’s are sounding perfect for a Valentine dinner appetizer.  I mean scallops can be expensive, specially sea scallops but, if you read the recipe, you are asked to buy 6 scallops and cut them in half, which means that it will not break your budget, if you half the recipe and instead buy only 4 scallops which will yield you 8 crostini, you can even go with 2, if they are very large and still have 4 crostini’s on your plate, the perfect size for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart.

And if is way to expensive to splurge on the scallop you other options is just as good and much more economical.  The Mediterranean Lasagna is a vegetarian dream come true.  Eggplants, portabella mushrooms, and yummy trio of cheeses is all kinds of healthy for your tummy (as waistline).  You can even be braver and try your hand at making your own pasta, instead of buying it.  The book does not have a pasta recipe, but I can direct you to Lidia Bastianich fresh pasta recipe, which can be made in the food processor and it’s my go-to homemade pasta recipe – it’s easy and fast and comes out perfect every single time.  And if you want to be lazy, my next recommendation is to get the Barilla Lasagne, Oven ready pasta, another easy option

There you have it, two great choices for an excellent Valentine’s Day menu.

So gang, let’s get to it and be Gutsy this week!