Menu 34: Chicken with Herb sauce and Potato Gratin

I’m thinking this weeks menu makes it perfect for a quick dinner.  What is not to love?

  • Chicken with herb sauce - page 303
  • Potato Gratin - page 242

First up is a quick chickent with herbs and if you have read the recipe, these herbs are my all time favorite, I dare you to say no to basil, parsley, capers and anchovy for the base of this herb sauce! I can even see it as a sauce for pasta.  I’m a huge fan of pesto, and i’m thinking this is a glorify take on it.  On top of chicken breast that has been poached in the oven slowly…yes, I have to say that this is going to be a good one.

And of course a punchy sauce needs something rich and creamy, so I can totally understand Marie’s pairing choice of a potato gratin - which by the way is my all time favorite side dish.  I can eat that alone, in a corner and will fight you for it too.  I’m going to make the variation, using cheese (hello Gruyere!) and adding anchovies to the cream, which will perfectly call out to the herb sauce being used on the chicken.

So how gutsy will you go with this simple menu? Let’s see the results folks!