Menu 38 & 39: Mexican

And we are back to cooking folks.  After all of the suggestions, I decided to start off with something that everyone seems to like.  Most ingredients are not hard to find, and it lends to creativity galore and can be a bit of a chanllenge.

Ready to go Mexican?

ARRIVA then!

I wanted to give us all an option to try something new and I always wanted to try my hand at making Tamales from scratch.  All of the recipes are from one of my favorite Mexican Chef - Rick Bayless.  I have two of his cookbooks and I have never had the chance to cook anything from it - this will give me the opportunity to do so. Then I included two types of Enchiladas - one vegetarian and the other is not.  I’m thinking of trying them both, since they both sound good and I’m a huge fan of mushrooms. 

Here are the links to the recipes for the menu for the next two weeks - you can choose what you want to do either week and remember posting dates are Sept 18 and Sept 25.  If you have questions, tips and simply want to share, leave a comment in this post.

Remember these are our staring points, you can follow the recipe to the letter or be daring and play with it, you can take something that you like from one and incorporate in the other, or change it totally around… 

Are you guys ready?

Get set, and be Gutsy!