June 2013 Recipe Line up

Here we are smack in the first month of summer and with it another 4 great recipe line up from our next feature Gutsy Cook – Steph from Orangespoken.  I meet Steph about 4 years ago, she invited me to her holiday cookie exchange and since then we have formed a friendship over Chica Brunches, dinner parties, Trader Joe trips, dirty girl time, divorce, new boyfriends and she held me during my wedding planning – which was no small feat – I had lots of freak out moments. 

If there is anyone gutsier in the kitchen than her I have yet to meet them, this girl can take a recipe and substitute ingredients that I would not even dream about.  She has chosen to highlight other bloggers with her recipe choices and added a very special recipe her mother loved – which I’m crazy about trying. I’m excited to see what she does with her own choices.

So here we go from Steph herself:

Week of June 2Fiyuelos: My mother loved to eat these Spanish pancakes stacked with butter and granulated sugar. As a girl growing up, she’d beg her mother to make them. I remember her referring to the recipe in Clarita’s Cocina as her favorite one. I scoured the web looking for “fiyuelos”, but not even Google was able to track them down. I’ve taken a picture of the recipe straight from my very very old copy of Clarita’s Cocina that my grandmother (Abuelita) passed down to me, in case you don’t have your own copy of the cookbook.

Note from Monica: I have done research and found out that they can go by various names – Fayuelos is one, but their correct name is Frixuelos, which is from the Spanish provinces of Asturias and Leon in the northern part of Spain.  There are tons of different recipes, but they are all pretty much standard – egg, flour, liquor (usually anise), milk whip it up and then cook as you do a crepe.  Fillings are also savory or sweet.

Week of June 9Cedar Planked Salmon and Zucchini Fritters with Tzakizi: I’ve never tried cooking on cedar before and have been wanting to. I came across this recipe and thought it sounded scrumptious (especially the sweet and salty rub!). I’m also a huge fan of zucchini. What better way to use this summer squash

Week of June 16Maryland Crab Cakes: I’m in a love with a very, very picky eater. However, he LOVES crab cakes! This week’s choice is just for him. What kind of dipping sauce will you make to go along with these? I cannot wait to see how gutsy you guys get!

Week of June 23Carnitas Caldo (Carnitas Soup): This recipe from Gimmie Some Oven Blog was a pinned a few weeks ago on Pinterest. It looks scrumptious. Well anything made with pork looks scrumptious, in my opinion. Even though it’s summer, this seems like it could be a fresh, summery soup to try.

Extra Credit!Minny’s Chocolate Pie (minus the secret ingredient): I was a big fan of The Help, and came across the recipe for “that” pie. Of course, the secret ingredient is missing (thank goodness!). I’ve been wanting to make this, so what better way than through the Gutsy Cooks Club!

So there you have it June’s line up.  Remember to come back each week and post your links in the comment section of this post or use our Gutsy Cook Pinterest Board.