April 2013 Recipe Line up

So this month is my month and I have been itching to try the recipe from 2 of Lucinda Scala Quinn books - Mad Hungry and Mad Hungry Cravings. I love the way she cooks, it’s to the point, simple and always full of yum.  So I decided that I’m going to choose 2 recipes from each book. 


Let’s start wtih MAD Hungry first

Week of April 7th - Bake Chicken with Honey-Whole Grain Mustard Glaze

Week of April 14th - Steak Pizzaiola

And finish off the month with 2 more from MAD Hungry Cravings

Week of April 21 - Sun-Dried Tomato-Parmesan Crips

Week of April 28 - Malaysian-Style Mussels

Bonus round, because I wanted to make this for a couple of weeks now - so why not? - Greek yogurt Cake

So there you have it, April’s menu.  I hope you enjoy them, and I cannot wait to see how everyone fares with the choices!

Get ready, set and get gutsy!