Sweet Kitchen Tips 12

The holidays are coming up and any help in organizing yourself during the chaos is helpful. And most of us bake up a storm of cookies, cakes and breads. So by being a bit “ahead of the game” it will not feel like a mad rush. By doing this simple step, you can save some major time during a baking marathon.

Measure out and label the ingredients for each recipe ahead of time, storing the dry ingredients in zipper-lock bags on the counter and wet ingredients in plastic containers in the refrigerator. When it’s time to bake, everything is ready to be mixed.

And since the first holiday that is up its thanksgiving, then its turkey time!

You want to turn that turkey around in the oven? But know that your oven mitts will get dirty in the process… but, I got a tip for you.  Slip a clean plastic product bags over your oven mitts.  The plastic will keep the mitts from getting greasy, and there no chance of burning your hands.

And if you are ready to move that bird from the roasting rack to your carving board without it becoming a precarious maneuver, all you need is two long-handled wooden spoons.  Insert the bowl ends of the spoons into either the end of the bird’s cavity so that the handles stick out.  Graps the handles, really choking up on them so your hands are right next to the turkey, and lift the bird off the rack to your board.