Happy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is one day away, and there’s a lot of food to be made!

I, for one not doing it.  Tom and I, on a rare set of events are totally on our own this holiday (no kid, no family, no plans), which means that we will be simply enjoying the fact that we have FOUR glorious days to do absolutely nothing!

ahhh, and it all starts in about 1 hour from now, when I get off work and head home.

To sit on my couch and catch up with lots of TV time. - don’t judge!

And if I feel like it, I may make the following in the next couple of days:

Butternut Squash Tarte Tartin - according to Matt from MattBites, this is sinful, and good and the best thing ever this season.  I like butternut and I like puff pastry and love caramel, so this one goes in the to do list.

Brisket in Pasilla Chile and Tomatillo Sauce - This one I had for a while in my list and it has been calling me.  I just not had the chance to make it. But, if I can tear myself away from that Law & Order marathon over the weekend Tom and I will be licking our fingers.

Overnight French Toast Casserole - This one folks has been made in our house a total of 4 times since I discovered it via Ezra Pound Cake.  It’s that good, it’s that easy and to quote Rebecca, “sweet goodness”.  Plus the recipe comes from Virginia Willis, seriously you cannot pass this one by, we are making it again tonight, to eat it’s sweet buttery goodness tomorrow.

Sweet Corn Spoonbread - Because I would die a thousand death if I don’t have something with corn in it, and this one from Smitten Kitchen pretty much fits the bill.

I will also try my hand at making Ladyfinger from scratch in order to meet my Heavenly Bakers club choice, which is a Lemon Canadian Crown.  Tom is giddy, because it has lemon in it. and I’m giddy because I get to try my hand at piping (I been practicing!).

So, with this I leave you to go back to all that thanksgiving madness - I wish you and yours a safe and happy thanksgiving holiday.

And remember the scale is not judging you at all - trust.