Sweet Kitchen Tip 13

Usually tips come to me out of necessity or because I forgot something and right there on the spot, I just use whatever is at hand.  Usually, it’s a hit or miss kind of thing.

For example did you know how clever flexible mats can be? No? well let me show you how clever and useful they can be:

I use it to cover the bottom of my vegetable bin in the refrigerator, so it makes cleaning it a breeze, as in simply lift out and wipe off.

Or how about moving that big, HEAVY food processor, which is sitting in the corner?  If you put the heavy appliance on top of the mat, when you want to use it, you grasp the edge of the mat to slide it forward from the hiding place in the back of your counter, see. right there all ready for you.

The best crafty way?

As a cake lifter!  Cut your cake, and slide your flexible mat between the layers and use it to gently ease the top layer off the bottom.  You can also use it when working pie dough and want pry the stubborn dough off your counter.