We got a winner!

And let’s star with the obvious - thanking everyone that took the time to come and comment and wish Sweetbites a very happy 1 year anniversary.  And you guys, love all of your favorite gifts!

I cannot say it enough - you keep me fuel to continue creating, sharing, taking photos and writing the crazy just so I can keep you cooking, baking, salivating over food pictures and hopefully laughing a bit about the crazy.

But, you are not reading this for that, you are here because well you want to know who won the give away right?

I wanted to have the drawing LIVE! on VIDEO! but my camera man is sitting right now with about twenty-five, nine and ten years olds leading a boy scout sing-a-long (or whatever they do in those meetings).  So I had to trust random.org picking…and out of 26 comments (mine does not count) comments number 6 was the lucky winner!

So Marg who said her best gift was a DSLR that she got last year (I have to agree, that is an awesome gift) is the lucky winner.

Congratulations Marg!