Snap Thursday - Dreamy

Do you know what it is?

Perspective, tricky thing right?

This was taken on a walk thru the park.  Now that the weather has cooled off (as much as I can in sunny Florida) Tom and I had made it a mission to totally enjoy it, so we after we come home from work, we jump in the car and drive to the nearest park to simply take a stroll, be one with nature, enjoy the cool temperatures and make sure the bugs don’t get us.

Since I’m trying new things with the camera, I become quite inventive.

For this shot, I stood under a tree full of hanging moss and pointed up, without even looking at the viewfinder and simply snapped pictures.  The camera was in “P” mode and when we saw it, we were quite amazed how different things so ordinary can look so kick in the butt great when you see them in a different perspective.

This picture takes me to a dreamy place.

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