Nothing to see here... yet.

I know you don’t see a food photo up there.  I know, I know.  Just like I’m very aware that I have abandon you guys for a bit.  Trust me there is a reason, and I will discuss soon, but not now.  The new job is totally kicking my behind and finding time to cook at the end of the day is just not happening, not until I can get organized with my new crazy schedule and work responsibilities.  

For now, I ask that you guys keep coming back, check out the index for past goodies and soon, you will get new ones here.

Or you can very well check these blogs out:

Green Kitchen Stories – You are going to love their photography and their simple take on life in general, they just finish traveling Asia and I’m ready to pack a bag and GO!

I recently found Joe Pastry, and I’m seriously in love with his site.

Almond and Amaretto packed into a brownie? But of course you can!

And if you like carrots even a little bit, why not treat them like mashed potatoes?

And this guy finally joined the printed world with a book that will soon join my collection.