Snap Thursday - Lily

We moved to our house three years ago. That is how long I had this potted plant.  It was a gift from my good friends, who came down from NYC to help me decorate the house.  When they got me the plant, I figure it was green, and my main concern was not to kill it.

Because, green thumb I have not.  Any plant that survivies around me, its a weed - trust me on this.

When they gave me the “Green” plant (as Tom and I called it) we had not a clue of what type of plant it was, simply that it was some type of hedge plant, it was green, pointy and I had no hope for it.

I gave it 2 weeks - tops.

It lasted 3 years.  There, it sat on our front porch, always green, never dying, I water it when I remember, moved it around a couple of times, cut the dry pointy ends, when I remembered, and there it stood - always green and pretty boring.

So, a couple of week ago, when Tom came into the house and said “Hey, have you seen the green plant? Its full of buds?”

I was like “What bud?, We don’t have any flowers plant outside”

Tom: “Well you better go look, because the green plant is full of flower buds - something is going to spring up”

And boy did something did.

Behold my boring green plant!

And for the next 3 weeks, it did not stop blooming!  The funny party? The flower only lasted 2 days, tops.  It would spring up in all it’s glory, and then by day two, it was gone, in it’s place another bulb.

During it exotic blooming period, it made Tom and I happy.

I now take care of that plant like nobody business.