Snap Thursday - Crazy us

When I take pictures of food for my post, I think about composition, and color and placing and everything in between.

I love it, but it’s exhausting folks.  All that thinking sometimes leaves me a bit mad with my camera.

So, in order for my camera not to break up with me, I’m trying to learn to take pictures in a wild and crazy way – To let go and just break every single rule, to be free and wild and curious and shoot with abandon.

I’m trying to push myself in NOT THINKING STRATEGICALLY when I’m taking pictures that has nothing to do with food.


But I guess hard has its rewards. 

The aboved pictures of Tom and I was two of about 100 shots that we took during our walk in the park. We walked, we ran, we used the camera wireless clicker, and we got goffy.

When we left the house, I gave him one assignment – “Don’t let me think ok. If you see me trying to compose the shot, shout at me, Superhero!”

There was a lot of shouting.

And a lot of laugher too.

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