Dressing for my iPad

Let’s get this out of the way… This is a sponsor post. But, I promise is a good one.

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the people of The Snugg, who makes cases for pretty much any product out there that needs protection and look pretty.

I got an iPad for my birthday last year and I been searching high and low for that perfect cover to encase it with, it has taken me a long time to find something. When it comes to certain products I’m what you call picky (very, very picky - it drives my husband crazy).  Especially, if I’m going to spend money on them.  I research it to death, read reviews, seek imperfections and well, by the time I pick a vendor that will meet my needs, I know that I’m going to be happy with my purchase and safe in the knowledge that if anything happens the company will stand by their product.

When I was approched by their rep - guess what I did? Yep, I researched the company and found their Snugg Promise to match my own set of high standards.

The Snugg has cases for pretty much any electronic device – ipad, Tablet, Smartphones, Kindle and even MacBooks.  So your options are pretty broad.

Time to choose, after lots of colors, textures and configuration options, I picked the Snugg iPad 4 Case Cover and Stand in Distressed Brown Leather

As soon as I got it I wasted no time and Snugging my ipad with it.  I been using it for the past 2 weeks and so far here is my take on it:

Price – They range from $19.99 for a Skinny Fit protective Case Cover and up to $44.99 for their Executive Case.  Mine runs for $34.99, which is not breaking the bank, specially with a full time guarantee in the mix.

Material – If you think you are going to get a leather product for less than $50 bucks you live in an alternate world.  This is not true leather, they refer to at as “pu leather” which basically means that it is vinyl that looks like leather. If you weren’t told that fact you wouldn’t know the difference. Neither would anybody who saw your iPad in this case (there are some cases the look like vinyl - this wouldn’t be one of those). Unless you want to pay upwards of $100 for a case you won’t get quality rawhide leather.  The stitching around it is high quality (this usually is what gives a lower made product away).  Also, that nasty smell that fake leather has? Not to worry here - When I got it out of the box, it smell just fine.

The magnet feature works, it actually turns the iPad on and off appropriately - we’ll see how that holds up over time.  During my research, this was the biggest complaint for most.

Fit – pretty great.  It was easy to slip it on, and secure it.  All the major buttons you want expose, are expose. The bad is the stylus loop – my pen does not fill the loop completely and its constantly falling off – I thinking its because I have a very slim stylus. I wish it was made of a materials that can adjust to different thickness, sort of like their elastics hand strap - which is a good feature if you want to hold the ipad while moving. The interior is a soft nubuck lining to cradle and protect your iPad.

Stand – I’m now using my ipad as my first choice cookbook in the kitchen, so this was an important feature. I wanted to to stand up on the counter and not fall off.  The cover can bend and be fitted on the tab on the back cover, elevating it and making it perfect to read recipes.  If you flip it, the elevation is less, which turns it into the ideal height to comfortably type or hold on your lap to read.

Weight – less is more. The iPad in itself is not a light product, so encasing it in something (think the OtterBox will make it even heavier – my mother’s ipad has one and it weight a ton)! will add additinal weight, not a good thing. I read a lot, which means that I hold my iPad 90% of the time, so for me it was important that I got something that will not add a huge amount of weight to it – done and done.

Overall this case is great quality.  It’s practical and affordable.  Would it fully protect it if dropped? I truly don’t think it will absorb a lot of the blow (and I did not test it!) – so you still have to be careful.  But, The Snugg, so far as meet all of my needs.

Disclaimer: I received free product sample from The Snugg products.  I received no monetary compensation and the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.