Sweet Kitchen Tips 3

And I’m back from a glorious vacation out in the wood.  As you can see, while we did have cellular service we had very limited internet.  Remember when dial-up use to be the best.thing.ever?

Yeah, well, after you seen mecca, slow dial up its not going to make the cut.  So, we decided (all of us, except for Tom) to let our technology drug of choice be put to pasture for a weeks time.

For the first 24 hours, we had a very hard time letting go.  Afterwards… “what iPhone?” while on the deck, sipping margaritas.

But, now I’m back with my tech-y drug of choice: high-speed, 3G networks and fully connected!  I will write up a post about our travels and how we saw wild animal life right in our cabin, as in “RIGHT THERE, staring back at us”. And will post pictures - because we took a ton of those.  

But, for now I will leave you with some kitchen tips, which actually came about when I found out that our great kitchen cabin was beautiful in the outside only.  As far as stocking the place up with the essentials kitchen gadgets, it was lacking, so we put our thinking caps on because as Plato will say: “Necessity, who is the mother of invention” will always come to the rescue.

Croissants for breakfast? or your sandwich bread of choice?  Except that you hate to crush then when using a knife to slice them apart - and if that knife is dull and awful, trust me, that croisant is not going to be pretty. To the rescue? Kitchen shears, or in my case a pair of scissors, was the solution.  Aim the points of the shears/scissors into the croissant at a right angle and start snipping.  Voila! Perfectly sliced croissants every time - the one you mangle before you came up with this, you can snack on.

Biscuits for breakfast? It’s on!  No so much when you roll out your dough and no biscuit cutter in sight. But plenty of caps from spray cans!  Specifically from the nonstick spay can, which is perfect substitute for a 2 1/2-inch round cutter.  The edge is sharp enough to clearly cut thru the dough and with just a slight squeeze of the lid, the dough easily releases from the cap.