Let's do this and get Gutsy again!

Gutsy Cooks Badge-180px.jpg

It was the kick I needed - So, I’m opening up Gutsy Cooks again.  If you been here before you know how that works and if you participated before, you are welcome to come back.  

If you are new then click over to the rules and see how it works, and join us.  

If you cannot wait until I post the menu line up for the month - guess what? Start with menus 72-75 from last year, which is sort of ironic, since they were the April menus.  

Can you believe it was not even planned? But, apparently the universe knew when to push.  I writing down the grocery list already for the Chicken Cordon Blue option.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, get set and let’s get Gutsy!