Extraordinary Cakes: Lemon Praline Torte

While I love cooking savory food, my passion really is baking.  Through the years, without even striving for it, I have become the “baker” of the family.  We need a birthday cake? Call Monica.  A fancy dessert needed? Call Monica.

Yes, sweet nothings are my thing. (Psst.. check the blog tittle)

But, even thought I felt comfortable baking, I knew I was not a GREAT baker.  There were tons of things out there in the baking worlds that were so unknown to me – pies, anything with yeast, techniques, certain flavor combinations – I was never gutsy enough to try them. I had gotten comfortable in my regular dessert repertoire.

Until I started this blog and saw what was out there – possibilities.  And the baking guru inside of me woke up and tapped me in the shoulder and told me “Dude, you need to feed me more baking challenges”.

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