13 Days until you can shop till you drop

When I started this food blog, the sole goal was to share with my reader my passion with food and my new found hobby of food photography.  I never thought of using my blog to make money.

Well times are a-changing folks.  And everyone is feeling the pinch.  And as I dedicate more and more time to the blog, it means that somehow I need to balance it out and find a way to monetize it a little – because I need to buy more flour and eggs so I can continue to post and share.

So off I went to research in how I was going to go about this.  I visited other food blogs and started to jot down ideas.  Ask for donations? Nope, nobody can afford their own coffee, much less be able to make a donation to anyone’s blog. – Scratch that. Affiliate links?  I have to be real, Sweetbites, is nowhere near the high rankings to be pulling enough traffic to see profitable results. – Scratch that.

I did open an Amazon Shop but, I hated the fact that I was sending my readers, to a giant warehouse.  It was so sterile and frankly lacked that personal factor I was looking for.  I mean have you ever tried to find a live-breathing person to help you via Amazon? mmm, Yep, I rest my case.

See, I had a vision – and usually I’m very obsessive when it comes to getting what I want.

Sweetbites is like my virtual kitchen - A place where, I open the door and invite my readers - my friends - to come and cook with me, sharing tips, ideas, recipes and knowing there was a personal connection at the end, it makes you feel good and valued.  And that was the feeling I wanted Sweetbites store to have,  a personal feeling, a place where you could buy stuff from someone you actually know, like and trust.

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