Chica Brunch a la Picnic Style

For the past couple of weeks, the weather god are showing us what our summer is going to feel like, and, well… we are going to melt again this year - its going to be HOT.

But they have been a bit kind in the transition.  We have gotten sunny days in the high 90’s but with the added bonus of breeze days and very little humidity.  Those perfect days of summer, when all you want to do is sit under a canopy of trees and just be.


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Wedding Food

Can you believe that that is the only photo that I have of the food that was served at our wedding? Yep, I was too busy smiling, laughing, dancing, oh yeah, keeping an eye on my new husband that was busting it on the floor with the little man (not so little anymore) and through all that totally forgot to tell my photographers to take some shot of the food.

So you guys will have to imagine the Tomato Shooters with Bianco Panini - crispy focaccia grilled panini filled wtih mozzarella, sweet onion, fresh tomatoes, arugula, Gorgonzola and served on top of a tomato-bail soup shooter.  I think I had like 5 of those.  The other hit was the Baby Artichoke hearts topped wtih goat cheese, olive tapenade, and sun-dried tomatoes (I totally going to re-created these in the future).  For Tom we had the Mini-Pulled Pork Slider with cilantro lime mayo, monterey jack and sliced avocado on a roll, served wtih crispy sweet potato fries.  For me we went the Maryland Crab Cake tower seared and served wtih a cajun remoulade, the traditional deviled eggs and the southwestern shrimp with tangy lime and avocado dip.

So yes, apologies, you will need to close your eyes and imagine all of it.

You are wondering about the wedding cake?  Don’t need to imagine that one.. because there is a picture of that one… over at Sweetlife (bonus, more pictures of the whole affair too!)

I could tell you that it was a yum! cake - one layer was a rum soaked pound cake with vanilla pastry cream and fresh strawberries the other was boston cream pie - vanilla custard with chocolate and oh yeah, more of that rum soaked pound cake.

Those shot glassed on top - were the Key Lime Luxury with crushed graham crackers, red velvet and cream cheese icing.  By the time we got to them they were gone!

I do have to thank my awesome catering company Puff n’ Stuff.  They along with the other vendors rocked it.

Now I have to just remember those Baby Artichoke in order to duplicate them.

I got an excuse for being so out of touch - for real!

Yes, I know.. I know… I’m still surprise by how people are still visiting me.. the last post was back in Dec 24th - FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I have become ONE OF THOSE BLOGGERS…

The ones that suddenly just poof ! And they are gone.

But I promise that is not the case.. I been a tad busy.  See in less than 17 days, Tom and I will seal the deal.

What deal you say?  

Well this one:

It all stared 5 years ago, then he popped the question in this beautiful setting and it happen like this.

Then I became THAT bride, who for the last 12 months has been consumed with everything wedding related.

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