November Menus 45 to 49 - Inspiration - Warmth and Comfort Food

Here we are folks, the November line up – sorry it has taken me this long to post and I totally understand if anyone takes a pass this week!

Since it is November (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?) I could not think of a more appropriate inspiration than food that gives us warmth - for some of you who are already enjoying snow and everything that comes with cold weather (including us Floridians) and comfort.  Nice long cooked stews and comfort food - hearty and warm and filling the entire house with the smell of something good in the oven. Perfect for days where you want to crawl into a soft couch with fuzzy socks and snuggle with your favorite person. 

So I mixed and matched some stews, and soups and threw in a couple of recipes made with corn, because, well I’m not going to lie, I been craving it and it just so happen that I ran into a couple of recipes that I been dying to try out.

As always, you are free to do as many of the recipes as you like and experiment by using them as a jumping point to creating your very own version. Since this month is also hosting the great FOOD FEST HOLIDAY – other wise known as Thanksgiving, you can take a free pass the week of Nov 20 or 27, since I’m sure you will be up to your head in turkey and leftovers. (Tip: Try Bobby Flay’s Kentucky Hot Brown, which is an open face sandwich using roasted turkey and savory French Toast).

I also want to welcome another Gutsy Cook to our circle.  Kavi, from Edible Entertainment, has decided to be a bit more gutsy in her kitchen and what better place to start than with us. Take a couple of minutes for a quick peek at her blog and give her a quick hello!

Here we go:

Week Nov 6 

Week of Nov 13 

Week of Nov 20 

Week of Nov 27

And there you have it November line up.  Hope you guys enjoy it. 

And I cannot sign off before I share this hilarious site that I came across one Sunday during a boring internet click fest – I have been in need of some comic release and Hanna Hart has given me that in large quantities over the past few weeks.

Hart is a food video star who got famous online. This girl is funny and while the appeal isn’t the food she cooks, it’s her persona - cool slacker geek, complete with glasses, self-deprecating humor, and real comic timing.  Her writing is just as good as her videos.

So for now, I leave you to it.  Looking forward to seeing your gutsiness every week this month.

Make me proud!

Ready? Set… Be gutsy!