December Menu - Free Choice "Holiday Favorite"

And our little club is growing guys!  Please help me welcome two new members:

Anna from Making Ends Meat and Hyma from Hyma’s Flavours

Remember visit their blogs and show some comment love.

It was so hard to choose menus for December, between all the options out there for the Holidays and the fact that this month is the busiest for most home cooks out there, the Gutsy Cooks have decided that the best thing to do (to keep all of our sanity in check) is to make this a FREE month.

Pick any recipe that you are doing this month and post it under the Gutsy Cook tag. 

Have a holiday family favorite? A great holiday cookie recipe? A recipe that reminds you of your childhood during this special time of the year?

Cook it, Write about it and share your post!

And in between, I wish you and your love ones a great Holiday season - with lots of great surprises and safe and happy days.

See you in 2012!