January Menus 50 to 53 – Healthy Start

2012 is here folks.  365 clean days to fill up with new successes, new recipes, new adventures and everything in between. I for one has promised myself to be more bold in the kitchen, to try to cook more greens, make things from scratch and put myself totally out of my comfort zone with techniques and ingredients. 

2011 was a year of indulgence, lots carbs, cheese, pastas and the desserts really topped most of my post, as well as some of my fellow bloggers.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and pretty much say that a healthy start is probably the most anticipated trend we will see in the new year. So this will be the theme for our January Menu line up.  Veggies recipes, natural foods, and maybe in between, because we are all going to be good, a couple of sweetbites.

And off we go - remember you can cook one option, two or all four.  Posting should be up by Sunday, or at the latest on Monday.

Week 1 – Post on Jan 8th



Week 2 – Post on Jan 15th



Week 3 – Post on Jan 22nd



Week 4 – Post on Jan 29th



There you go, I think I was able to create a balance of light fares, with a selection of veggie options, a couple of pasta dishes in there to make a quick meal and of course, a sweet indulgence or two – because hard works deserves a reward.

February will be all about conquering some of our bucket list items – making bread from scratch? How about pasta? And much more - remember to send them over to me.

For now, let’s start 2012 right and get to your respective kitchens and whip some of these choices up – can not wait to see how gutsy you guys are going to get with some of these, I know I will.

Set, ready – get Gutsy!