HCB: The Bostini

Internet, after months and months, and plenty of baking from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, and as my fellow baker, Mendy, dully noted on last week comments: “The Bostini has landed”.

This dessert has been patiently waiting in the wings for quite some time now. Even while some of the Heavenly Cake Bakers venture off the path and made it during the free choice week and gave the rest of us a small peak of what this dessert could be.

And what could it be?

Dear heaven above - THIS IS GOOD.

Ok, good is not a worthy word to describe this.  Maybe excellent? Nah, not good enough… How about first-class? Nope, does not do it justice.  Superior? Outstanding? Tremendous? Or maybe we can just call it simply brilliant.

Yep, that is it – BRILLIANT.

Because, this little cup has a whole lot to make it brilliant.

Luscious soft custard, infused with vanilla bean, then topped with a tender orangechiffon cupcake and if that does not make your skirt fly, how about covering it with lip-smacking rich, glossy, dark chocolate – the kind that oozes and spills all over the place?

Well, I here to tell you that  YOU CAN!

But, first a bit of prep was needed.

When Marie placed it on rotation, the first thing I did was go on a massive internet hunt down, looking for the cute, cups that Rose’s food prop designer used to style the photo on the book.  Because, seriously how can you not present this on that cup.

You just can not. 

I got lucky and found them in Amazon.com and bonus; they were not expensive at all. I shared the bit of news with my baking partner in crime Jenn and we both ordered them within days of each other and then sat for 4-5 days checking and double checking the arrival time – hoping against hope that we would have them on time.

This is one of those that you think you are going to be doing elaborate baking summersaults, when in fact, it’s a pretty easy dessert to make and put together.

I decided to incorporate this as my dessert with my Gutsy Cook menu choice for the week. Tom and I invited our respective mother to a Sunday lunch and since there were going to be four of us eating,  I went and made half the recipe.

This is when this little application on your iPhone comes in very handy.

Who has the time to do the complicated math - right?

I decided to start this on late Saturday afternoon by making the Chiffon cupcakes.  Since I was pretty much over using fruit, I did not add the orange juice or zest to these that the recipe called for, instead I replaced that required liquid with milk and added almond extract instead of vanilla extract.

I used my 6-cup silicon baking pan and filled them up to the top as noted by the book - and said a little prayer hoping no batter spill would insured.  They were golden and ready at the 25 minute mark.  Out they came and after a bit of rest time, pop them out of the pan – no issues.

So far so good, we were in business!

Next up, the vanilla custard.  Again, I went the half route and after being over the stove a record 10 minutes, I had a silky-smooth custard.  Filled up my beautiful new cups, covered them with plastic wrap and placed them in the refrigerator to take a chill until Sunday.

On a side note, I highly recommend to totally go to town and eat the rest of the custard off the spoon, spatula and the saucepan and don’t tell ANYONE what you are doing, even if they catch you and point out that you have custard all over the side of your mouth and ask you what the hell are you doing.

Since you are the cook you are totally permitted to do these types of things and take the fith.

Sunday, the only thing for me to do was prepare the chocolate goodness that was going to make this go over the top.

But first!

I thought, mmm, how can I make it even better (because, you know there is always a way to do that).  

Out came out the rum bottle and a bit of sugar and into a saucepan they both went to create a quick syrup which I use to make sure my chiffon cupcakes were good and drunk soaked.

Then, using the microwave (Raymond, be proud) melted my butter, drop my chopped chocolate and stir it up until all systems were a go.

Placed my cups on a plate, took it to the table and very flamboyantly pour it over the Bostini.  Making sure for quality assurance purposes it spilled over the side.

So you know, I could get the ohhh’s and ahh’s.

If you ever use this desert for a dinner/lunch party, I highly urge you to use this bit of showmanship to your advantage.

Hand over long spoons and then watch your guest dig in.

Then sit back and pat yourself on the back, while silently giving thanks to Rose, for this heavenly recipe.


Tom, my mother and his mother: They were to busy, trying to gobble this up in record time. So the bits and pieces out of their full mouths were thing like -  “delicious”, “Oh, its’ just so good”, “the chocolate ties it all together”, “I could eat the custard all by it’s self”, “do you have another one?” “The cake is so light and how did you get it so moist?”

I had mine late last night – took a bite and promptly died and went to heaven.

This one is a keeper; as in you store it in your baking safe and only share with others because you like them… as in really, really like them.

And since I really, really like you guys.  I’m going to let you in a bit of a secret.  If you head over to the Global Gourmet, the full recipe is there in all its wonderful glory for you to run out and make it RIGHT NOW.

You can also go and check out the rest of the Heavenly Cake Bakers take on this little gem.

Or you can support Rose (and me) and buy the book – you will not be sorry.