TWD: Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake

I have not been baking as much from Dorie’s Baking from My Home to Yours book as I want.  I guess I been put out with the choices this past month. Or maybe I’m just being totally lazy about it.

But I see the ties turning, because for the next 3 weeks the choices are all so good (wait until you hear what is coming up for next week – yummy!) and this weeks choice was something that I been waiting to try out.

And we can thank Amy from Amy Ruth Bakes for picking this one.  It was easy to do and the result was a great dense, chocolate attack of a cake.  I did deviate from the original recipe a bit.  I did not use the filling being called in the recipe (Raspberry preserved/jam), but instead used Nutella, because for real, ANYTHING IS BETTER in this world wtih Nutella.  I did have some issues with it and for me it was the frosting, melting dark chocolate and adding sour cream sounded good when I read it in the recipe, but once I taste it, it was a no-no in my taste buds. The sour cream totally worked in the cake batter, but not in the frosting - Sorry, Dorie.

The other thing I found with it, was how hard it was to slice it into thirds to spread the filling.  I just could not make the slices come out even all around, it’s like the knife had a life of its own, so my filling is all zigzaged around.

Since we had the coconut cheesecake at home, I brought this to share with my co-workers and reviews were mixed.  Some like it, others felt the same as me on the frosting, but overall reviews were good.  

It’s a quick and easy chocolate cake, perfect for an afternoon snack, or morning breakfast, or mid-day... or when the chocolate attack strikes you.  Next time I'm totally undressing it by either skipping the frosting and just dusting it off with some powder sugar, or using a different chocolate frosting.

You can find other variations (and there are tons!) in the TWD group and the recipe over at Amy’s blog.