TWD: Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I been neglecting my Tuesday with Dorie group.  But I had to be honest the last recipes just have not caught my attention at all, and I have to say I’m sort of picky when it comes to making desserts.  If I truly don’t love it, then why waste ingredients in making something that I’m not going to eat in the first place?

I’m sticking to that, sorry folks, that is how the cookie crumbles around my house.

But I could not PASS UP this weeks choice picked for us to try by Betsy at A Cup of Sweetness.  I’m a huge fan of lemon poppyseed muffins and I’m always looking for the right balance of lemony goodness and sweet. So I have eaten A LOT of lemon muffins in my lifetime.

And sadly I have not found it yet, they are always way to sweet or way to lemon-y.  So when I saw these, I thought to myself - Ok, Dorie, show me what you got.

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TWD: Caramel Pumpkin Pie

If I had a cooking bucket list, I will be marking these two items off today: 
  • make pie crust - DONE!
  • make pumpkin pie - DONE!
Yep, people THIS is a milestone for me.  Because 
  • I have never made pie crust from scratch (seriously why go thru all the trouble when you can buy it made at the supermarket?)
  • Pumpkin - hate it. 
  • I stayed far, far away from these baking items most of my life
And I was happy.

Then I meet Tom.

And Tom loves me.

And I love him back.

And being in a loving relationship you do things for each other that you don’t like to do.

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TWD: Tarte Fine

You can tell that we are entering fall.  The recipes that my fellow bloggers are putting out there are all about the fall ingredients - Soups, stews, and most of the desserts are being made with fruits found in the fall: apples, pears, gone are the summer light berries and citrus and in are the squash, cranberries, dates and figs.

This weeks Tuesday with Dorie choice is coming to you compliments of Leslie of Lethally Delicious

As Dorie mentions on the recipe, this is the most popular tart in France.  I can see why. It was simple to do, fast to cook and according to the testers “appetizing!” – can you tell that Tom’s food vocabulary has expanded since I started to give him more food to “taste”?  He no longer uses small words like “yum!” or “Delish!”, but things like “scrumptious”, “mouth-watering”, and “luscious”.

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