TWD: Tarte Fine

You can tell that we are entering fall.  The recipes that my fellow bloggers are putting out there are all about the fall ingredients - Soups, stews, and most of the desserts are being made with fruits found in the fall: apples, pears, gone are the summer light berries and citrus and in are the squash, cranberries, dates and figs.

This weeks Tuesday with Dorie choice is coming to you compliments of Leslie of Lethally Delicious

As Dorie mentions on the recipe, this is the most popular tart in France.  I can see why. It was simple to do, fast to cook and according to the testers “appetizing!” – can you tell that Tom’s food vocabulary has expanded since I started to give him more food to “taste”?  He no longer uses small words like “yum!” or “Delish!”, but things like “scrumptious”, “mouth-watering”, and “luscious”.

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TWD: Peanut Butter Crisscrosses

After all the cakes in the past week, this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie choice, which was made by Jasmine of Jasmine Cuisine, was a welcome change around these parts.

No cake, no buckle, no upside down fruit tart.  Just a simple, straight forward cookie recipe.


My cookie jar has been empty for a while now.  So when I started to make these Tom and the little man were ecstatic to say the least.  Asking if they were ready about a trillion times during the 20 minutes it took me to put them together.

And in times like this you realized that you really never fully know your other half.  Because after two years together, it was news to me that peanut butter cookies is Tom’s Holy Grail.  His words, not mine folks.  He has some serious Peanut Butter cookie love going there.

But, back to the cookies.  

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TWD: Oatmeal Breakfast Bread

I just cannot seem to get away from baking with fruit this month.  After baking chocolate all weekend long, I’m back into fruit land once more, compliments of Natalie from Oven Love who gave us the Oatmeal Breakfast Bread as our Tuesday with Dorie week’s choice.

Oatmeal is not fruit, you may say… well yeah, but don’t let the name fool you.  It has oats and a combination of spices and any dried fruit of your choice. And technically, I’m on the fence if calling it “Bread” would be appropriate, since it did not involve using yeast or kneading or even a rolling pin!

But at the end it did not matter, Tom was once more in high heaven, because not only did it have fruit, but OATS!

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