TWD: Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I been neglecting my Tuesday with Dorie group.  But I had to be honest the last recipes just have not caught my attention at all, and I have to say I’m sort of picky when it comes to making desserts.  If I truly don’t love it, then why waste ingredients in making something that I’m not going to eat in the first place?

I’m sticking to that, sorry folks, that is how the cookie crumbles around my house.

But I could not PASS UP this weeks choice picked for us to try by Betsy at A Cup of Sweetness.  I’m a huge fan of lemon poppyseed muffins and I’m always looking for the right balance of lemony goodness and sweet. So I have eaten A LOT of lemon muffins in my lifetime.

And sadly I have not found it yet, they are always way to sweet or way to lemon-y.  So when I saw these, I thought to myself - Ok, Dorie, show me what you got.

And oh, boy did Mrs. Greenspan showed me.

These were everything that I love about Dorie’s recipes.  It is easy, quick, no mess baking and the results are sound proof. 

The only hard part here is to dirty up 2 bowls, once to mix the dry ingredients and the other to mix the wet, but once that is all done, you put everything together, pour into your waiting muffin pan and 20 minutes later you have your house smelling like lemon heaven.

The hard part? waiting for them to cool off, so you can top them with the sugar glaze.


Tom “Oh my god, these are so good, they are perfect, not too sweet, not too lemony, even thought I would not mind them being a bit more tart - you know me, I love my sweets tarts.”

As for myself, they were just perfect.  I would dare to say that next time I would play around with the suggestion of filling them with lemon curd to give them a surprise center.  But, proof is in the pudding and right now as I write this, I can see that 10 are already gone from the kitchen counter.

You can check out the other bakers and their take on this gem and if you want the recipe, skip over to Betsy A Cup of Sweetness for the recipe.