Cake makes my blog look good!

Part of the reason for starting my food blog was because of my new found passion in food photography.  In the past couple of months I have learned so much from fellow food bloggers, who put such amazing photography out there for the entire internet to see and salivate over. These blogs are my everyday incentive and encouragement to keep working on my own photography and continue to improve on my new found craft.

Most of those great looking blogs I read daily would proudly display a DMBLGIT winner badge and like any new kid in the block, I made it a goal of mine to one day enter one of my pictures and compete with my fellow food bloggers/photographers all over the world for a chance to have the opportunity to proudly display one on my blog.

So you are probably wondering what is DMBLGIT?

DMBLGIT stands for “Does My Blog Look Good In This?” and it’s a monthly long running blog event managed by Andrew of Spitton and Spitton Extra, and a host, where Food Bloggers/photographers submit their best food photos of the month and a team of judges picks out the best of them on the basis of edibility, originality and aesthetics.   The main idea behind the event is to give everyone a chance to enjoy some of the best pictures of the month posted on food blogs all around the world.

Last month I decided that I was going to jump into this and see where I landed. I had no high hopes, I mean, yes I have good pictures, but I seen what is out there and that is a tough crowd to beat and by no means was my photography at that caliber – yet.

So yesterday it was such a HUGE surprise to read the announcement of the May winners of the DMBLGIT site and find out that my submitted Swedish Visiting Cake photo was lucky enough to win the overall 3rd place.


I have been WALKING ON AIR since yesterday.  It feels so amazing to be in such great company.  To know that all of the efforts in the last couple of months of understanding and studying so many tips and tricks from fellow blogger have paid off feels incredible.  To be patted in the back for my work, makes me so proud.  And to have reached my intended goal in such a short amount of time just validates that man, I must be doing something right and that reading the freaking and boring camera manual does pay off!

Congratulations to all the other winners, I’m in very good company.

And if you think your blog looks good, head over Nidhi’s Snaksgiving who is hosting the June DMBLGIT and submit your food photography.