Snap Thursday - Flying High

A couple of weeks ago, we piled ourselves in the car and drove down to enjoy a fabulous Saturday day at the Seafood Festival.

The drive was the most boring part.

I really hate living in Florida; we have the most unexciting roads to get anywhere.  No mountains, no rivers, lakes or waterfalls or anything exiting to see out the rolling car window.

Just flat, tame roads.

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Snap Thursday - Cleopatra or Cleo Cleona

This is Cleopatra or “Cleo-Cleona” as I like to call her for short.  Cleo was given to my by my sister.  After she insisted that nobody in his or her right mind could live a full life without a pet. At that time I lived with a roommate, in an apartment and the responsability of taking care of a pet was not something that was high on my list.  I fought her as much as I could, until she showed up at my house with this buddle of joy. She insisted that her dog would kill her if she stayed in her garage and I HAD to take her in order to SAVE her. (Yes, a very convincing argument)

I tried to not cave.

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