Snap Thursday - Flying High

A couple of weeks ago, we piled ourselves in the car and drove down to enjoy a fabulous Saturday day at the Seafood Festival.

The drive was the most boring part.

I really hate living in Florida; we have the most unexciting roads to get anywhere.  No mountains, no rivers, lakes or waterfalls or anything exiting to see out the rolling car window.

Just flat, tame roads.

Ok, you are probably thinking “but, you have beaches, oceans!” and I do agree that we have them, but you cannot see them from any road, they are hidden behind mansions and hotels.


So, wait! Where was I?

Oh yeah – beautiful weekend weather – which needed to be enjoyed outside.  So Seafood Festival it was.

After spending a gastronomical amount of money for a glass of lemonade, a platter of coconut shrimp with three hush puppies and fries.  We decided that at least someone needed to have some fun, plus it was the cheapest activity in the festival.  So we let the little man enjoy some flying time

While he was flying high into the bright blue skies, Tom and I looked at each other and we could totally see what we were both thinking:

I want to be ten again!

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