Snap Thursday - Cleopatra or Cleo Cleona

This is Cleopatra or “Cleo-Cleona” as I like to call her for short.  Cleo was given to my by my sister.  After she insisted that nobody in his or her right mind could live a full life without a pet. At that time I lived with a roommate, in an apartment and the responsability of taking care of a pet was not something that was high on my list.  I fought her as much as I could, until she showed up at my house with this buddle of joy. She insisted that her dog would kill her if she stayed in her garage and I HAD to take her in order to SAVE her. (Yes, a very convincing argument)

I tried to not cave.

But, how can you say no that that face?

Yeah I thought so.

She has been with me for over 10+ years. 

I hoping I have her for 10 more

And because I’m a sucker for a pretty face here is another shot of her, telling me simply with her eyes “dude, you need to get that camera out of my face”