Sweet Kitchen Tips 6

How many of us has their way of seperating our eggs yolks from the whites? Show of hands? yep. You could doit the old fashion way, crack, cup your hand and gently let the whites run thru your fingers.  Done it, broken more yolks that I can count.  Then there is the using the shell - done, and broken more yolks than I can count.  When I finally thought of buying one of those egg dividers I realized that I can make my own with the a slotted spoon. Wrap a rubber band around the handle of a large slotted spoon.  Set the spoon over a small bowl by resting the tip of the spoon and the rubber band on opposite edges of the bowl. Crack each egg over the spoon, and watch the whites slip through the holes into the bowl while the yolk stays in the spoon.

And for us baker that use our scale to weight all of our baking ingredients…

Use a brown paper lunch bag to hold the flour instead of a bowl or a piece of parchment paper.  The bag stands open on the scale, is deep enough to hold a lot with no overflow, and pours neatly.

and if we are talking about pouring flour in a food processor, we know what a pain it is to unlock and lock the lid in order to add the flour in increments… here is another way

Before adding any flour, shape a double piece of parchment or waxed paper into a funnel and then slide it into the feed tube of the food processor.  Flour can not be added as needed to the funnel, and it will flow slowly, evenly, and steadily into the work bowl.